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Google Is A Juggernaut Right Now

We are all well aware at this stage just how powerful the Google Juggernaut seems to be at the moment; let’s face it, they’re taking over the world at the minute. Practically every single day, I hear or read about a new Google App or Google Gadget that is coming out, just a couple of months ago it was all about Google Instant and then they went and practically soft launched Google Goggles. The fact is it’s hard to keep up with a company that’s trying to dominate the world!

I personally had always wanted Google to have one area where you can find out about all their products. It started when searching in Google one day and I discovered the Google Wonder Wheel and started thinking “When did this come out?”. The Google Wonder Wheel is actually really useful when compiling keywords for a PPC campaign, SEO, new article ideas or even just brainstorming in general so be sure to include it as a tool in your marketing armory :).


Did You Know About The Google Wonder Wheel?

The good news is that now there is a solution to keep up with all the latest Google Apps, Google Gadgets and Google Products. Google New which was launched in September is an excellent way to keep up with all the changes that are occurring at Google. Google New stemmed from the Google 80/20 model that they have in place which basically encourages innovation and creativity within the company for their engineers for 20% of the time (roughly one day per week).

I think it’s a great idea and one that I use weekly to ensure I’m on top of what’s happening. Google do have various blogs for each of their different products but I personally find that this one resource tends to cover all my needs for the various Google Products out there and yet to come. One thing I’d love to see though is an RSS feed so I can have the latest Google Product news sent straight to my reader.

What do you think of Google New? Be sure to check it out…

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