The World’s First Virtual Museum

Adobe Museum of Digital Media

I came across this on the Digital Buzz Blog yesterday and thought it was really cool and definitely blog worthy. Just under two weeks ago on the 6th of October The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) went live.The museum is the brainchild of advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, a digital production agency called Unit 9, the architect Filippo Innocenti and Adobe. According to GS & P the AMDM was created as an “interactive venue to present and preserve groundbreaking digital media works, inspire creative ideas and experimentation and provide a forum for expert commentary on how digital media influences culture and society”.

The space was designed by Italian architect Filippo Innocenti. Innocenti is an architecture lecturer in the Politecnico of Milan. His credits include, being part of the design team for the new Uffizi Gallery in Florence in 2000 and one of the head architects of Spin+ which he co-founded (also in 2000). Spin+ is an open research group dedicated to furthering architecture and design within the digital space.

The museum itself exists solely in the virtual world. However Innocenti insists it could be built in the physical world even though it has no windows or doors. If the structure was real it would span 57,680 square metres and reach 50 stories high. These massive towers were built to archive past exhibitions and store the permanent collections of the museum.

The inaugural exhibition was created by American artist Tony Oursler and curated by Tom Eccles. It’s named “Valley” and depicts the “history, current practices and activities in the vast linking network of the Internet”.

Go to the museum any time day or night. It is completely free and always open. The below video gives a great insight into the ethos and thinking behind the very first Virtual Museum. After you watch the video go to the museum and enjoy it; it’s amazing! Museum URL is

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